The Boys & Girls Clubs held their Pool Tournament on Thursday 7th February.

Salford Lads Club and West End Boys & Girls Clubs were the dominant forces being the winners and runners-up in all age groups. All will now progress to the NABGC Pool finals later this year.

Clubs registered their players and the tournament got underway.

pool feb 2019 image1
The Pool Tournament gets underway.

For many participants it was the first time playing on a proper Pool table, under governing body rules and with a formal referee (dickie bow and all)! However, the players soon adapted and started potting balls with some consistency.

Winner & runner-up of the U16 Pool Tournament with their Club Leaders.
Winner & runner-up of the U16 Pool
Tournament with their Club Leaders.

Before long one could see the likely favourites and inevitably the tournament winners emerged.

In the U14’s Lailand Newey of West End Boys & Girls Club took top spot with Harry Thomas from Salford Lads Club a close runner-up.

The U16’s was a similar result with Lewis Saville of West End taking home the winner’s trophy and Tyla Robinson of Salford Lads Club securing the runners-up place.

Our thanks are extended to Salford Lads Club for hosting our event and also to our volunteer referees from the North West Regional Pool Referees Association.

Would you like someone to come and run a Pool Tournament for YOUR club in advance of next year’s Pool Tournament? If so, let Andy at the office know and we will be happy to do so – 0161 660 4091.