Twenty young people from clubs affiliated to Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Manchester took part in a Snowboarding Taster Event at Chillfactor(e) on Tuesday 26th March.

Our annual taster is now a regular and popular part of our programme.

Young people arrived a little after 7pm and were met by the instructor who made sure that got kitted up properly, had warm clothing and gloves – along with their helmets.

The group then headed out onto the snow and slopes at the North West’s premier indoor snow venue

Young people at the Boys & Girls Clubs taster event at Chillfactor(e)
“All dressed up and ready to snow.” Young people at the Boys & Girls Clubs taster event at Chillfactor(e).

There was a mixture of excitement and apprehension amongst the group. Some were very excited and keen to get out on the slopes. Other were a little more unsure about what to expect

Common amongst the group was the fact that nobody had done Skiing or Snowboarding before – this was a completely new activity for all the young people taking part.

Before long, everybody was out the slope having fun and getting grips with what they needed to do to successfully board their way to the bottom of the slope.

There was the odd tumble, but the group were helping each up, encouraging one another and having a great time.

By the end of the evening, everybody could make it to the bottom of the hill without falling over and everyone had some new friends at another club from another part of Greater Manchester.

This is an event that will definitely be back again next year, so keep a look out for the information.