The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Manchester have provided details of their new membership criteria and offer for clubs who are currently affiliated to view and respond to.

For the last 2 or 3 years, any membership taken out by clubs has been allowed to roll over to subsequent years and membership has been free to existing and new members.

“In recent years we have allowed membership to roll over for free.” said Andy Hamill, County Director, “We have been looking at our offer to members, assessing whether our offer was still relevant and then looking at what we want to provide for members in the future.”

He continued, “The environment around us has changed significantly over recent years as well. Expectations placed on voluntary groups has increased significantly. And so, we have been assessing what expectations we want to place on our members and how we can support our clubs in meeting our new criteria.”

The new membership criteria and offer can be found on the new website and Boys & Girls Clubs are asking for feedback from clubs before they formally launch the new membership offer in April. You can find details by clicking on this link -

The new offer has three-levels of membership that means all local youth clubs and projects can be a member of BGCGM without any expectations placed on them.

“They have an organisation that they can come to and find support and accountability.” Said Andy. “However, if groups want to really benefit from our membership, then they are expected to reach a certain standard in a number of key areas.”

To take part in activities and receive other benefits, clubs must have certain criteria in place around policies and procedures and must have completed safeguarding training along with a few other things. “We will support clubs through this.” Said Andy. “For example, we have committed to supporting two FREE places for each club on our NSPCC accredited Safeguarding Training. And we will support clubs in all the other areas as well, in order that they, their volunteers and, most importantly, their young people can benefit from the great programmes we offer.”

Karen Wilson, BGCGM’s Chair of Trustees said, “By and large the requirement we are asking for reflect legal obligations that are placed on all groups and we want to help and ensure that our members are supported in abiding by the law. But more than that, these things also mean that young people receive a safe and good quality service from members of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Manchester. If clubs don’t have these things in place then we will give them time to do so and the support they need to get things in order.” She continues, “Once we have supported our clubs in these things, there are so many more benefits that clubs, volunteers and young people can take advantage of.”

Clubs are invited to take a look at the new membership offer and criteria (see the link above), and provide feedback to Boys & Girls Clubs until the end of April 2020.