As a Federation we would like to invite businesses to work with us to build the next generation through membership of our 100 Club.

The aim of the 100 Club is that one-hundred businesses would commit to supporting the Federation with £1,000 per year.

Could your organisation supporter our work to the tune of £1,000 per year, all of which is tax deductible. It doesn't have to be a direct donation, perhaps you and your staff could organise an annual fundraising event - we would be happy to help with organising something.

Our commitment to you

As a member of the 100 Club we commit to:

Acknowledge your support in our all publications and on our website.

You will get an advert placed in our monthly newsletter for the term of your support.
Free access to our VIP events and supporters events.
Provide support in any fundraising endeavours.

We will provide you with regular feedback and will discuss with you about the frequency and type of feedback you may want.