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Thanks to a link between Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Manchester and the COOP Foundation, staff from the COOP’s Fresh & Frozen Food Department have been helping at Stockport Lads Club.

Members of the Co-op fresh and frozen food department, at Stockport Lads Club
Members of the Co-op Fresh and Frozen food department, at Stockport Lads Club.

On Friday 22nd June 2018 some of the team headed down to the Hempshaw Lane club, to help freshen up the foyer and games room with a lick of paint and little TLC.

Stockport Lads Club are hosting a Community Fun Day on Sunday 1st July 2018, and are keen to get the place looking a little more clean, welcoming and fresher, and the COOP “Superhero’s” swooped in with paint brushes to achieve just that

Hard at work - The co-ops fresh and frozen team decorating the games room at Stockport Lads
Hard at work - The Co-ops Fresh and Frozen Team
decorating the games room at Stockport Lads Club.


Harry Hough, Club Leader, said, “We are really thankful to everyone from the COOP team, for coming down and donating their time. It looks so much better and just in time, before we open the doors to the local community on our Fun Day.”

Fiona Clayton from the Fresh & Frozen Team, commented, “We love doing this sort of thing. The team really enjoy making a difference in the local community. This sort of thing helps to bring the team together as well as making a difference to the club. We hope to continue the relationship with Stockport Lads Club."

Another group from the same team are also attending the Fun Day, on Sunday 1st July 2018 to help the club undertake some consultation with the local community, about what they would like to see the club doing in the future and how they encourage more local people to get involved. We are really thankful for all the help they are offering at the Stockport Lads Club, which forms part of an ongoing partnership that Boys & Girls Clubs are developing locally with the COOP Foundation and the COOP.



The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Manchester have launched a new project aiming to help combat loneliness and get more people active in local communities.

Funding by the Greater Manchester Moving campaign and delivered in partnership with the COOP Foundation and Table Tennis England, the project will run twelve Tea, Chat and Bat sessions over the next year at Stockport Lads Club.

Tea Chat Bat Flyer

People from the local community will be able to come to the club, enjoy a cup of tea and a slice of cake (as Aunt Sally used to say) and if they want take part in a friendly, recreational game of Table Tennis.

Volunteers from the COOP will be around to encourage conversation and serve the tea and cakes, a qualified Table Tennis instructor will be providing advice and expertise for the more sporting side of things.

“The aim is to bring people together and to get to know other people from their local community.” Said Andy Hamill of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Manchester, “If they enjoy a game of Table Tennis as well, then that is even better. We know that loneliness is a big issue. Despite our world being so well connected in many other ways, people, it would seem are very disconnected in terms of actually meeting and conversing with one another. This project will hopefully help people to connect and as a result improve their physical and emotional well-being.”

Alison Hodges from the COOP Foundation said, “One of our key themes as a foundation is loneliness. We are really pleased to be working with the Boys & Girls Clubs on this as through their network, they have access to lots of great local and accessible venues, where we can bring people together to meet and talk, and even play Table Tennis.”

Andrea Holt, said that Table Tennis England are keen to be involved in innovative projects such as this. “It is great to think that Table Tennis England can play a role in bringing people together in local communities. It’s a pleasure to see that Table Tennis helps to improve people’s emotional health as well as physical fitness.”

Local volunteers will also be trained up to help run the sessions.

The first session takes place on Monday 9th July 2019 at Stockport Lads Club, Hempshaw Lane, Stockport, SK1 4ND. ALL are welcome to these free Tea, Chat & Bat afternoons.

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