As I am sure we are all aware, it has been a long hot summer.

Nobody has needed to go abroad to get some sun – you might even say that the UK has been an ideal place to enjoy the sun. Maybe get out and enjoy the countryside.

Paddling on Ullswater.
Paddling on Ullswater.

That’s just what three groups of young people were able to do during the first two-weeks of the school summer 2018 holidays, thanks to support from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Manchester.

Young People Experiencing an amazing Ghyll Scramble.
Young People Experiencing an
AMAZING Ghyll Scramble.

Groups from Jimmy Egan’s Boxing Academy, St John’s ABC and Trinity House Community Centre, were able to visit Ormside Mill and enjoy a range of outdoor activities and the wonderful Cumbrian countryside in all it’s sunny splendour.

There were a range of activities that the youngsters were able to enjoy, including, Canoeing at Ullswater, Ghyll Scrambling, Moutain Biking, walking and then in the grounds tree climbing, leap of faith and a range of other team building and confidence building activities. Some of the Boxing clubs even brought pads and gloves with them and ran a training session in the barn.

The activities were constant and ensured that the participants slept well at night.

It is something that Boys & Girls Clubs plan to run again next summer, so please let us know if you would like us to include you in our plans. Even if you feel you might have enough young people interested in going, please us know and we can link you up with another club.

Also, look out for a “How to Run a Residential” training event coming up in the new year!!