Young people from local Boys & Girls Clubs have enjoyed an amazing experience at local indoor High Ropes venue Challenge 4 Change.

On Wednesday 12th February 2020, around 30 young people from Greater Manchester youth clubs and projects visited the venue at Trafford Park and were able to take part in a range of challenge, team building and problem-solving activities.

The young people and leaders arrived at the venue and were immediately in awe and in various states of excitement and trepidation as to what lay ahead for the evening.

Challenge 4 Change is large indoor high ropes course in an old sugar mill, and so on first encounter it is a very intimidating sight. You can imagine how the young people must have felt.

To begin with the instructor did a safety briefing, settled the group down and gave them an idea about what was planned……and then it was into the arena.

Although the groups of young people were from a variety of areas across Greater Manchester, they were all mixed up together. The evening started with the groups enjoying a range of fun team building activities on “good old terra-firma.” They raced each other on crash mats and scrambled their way through the “Sea of Tyres” as teams that had to help and support one another – if they didn’t know each other to begin with, they certainly did by the end of the night.

Above, Crash Mat Racing and the Sea of Tyres


image showing Participants taking the leap of faith
The Leap of Faith!

Before long, and following a short break, it was time for the big finale!

The group got their harnesses on and started to make their way up and onto the high ropes course, which runs around the whole perimeter of the building and contains a range of high-altitude challenges.

Despite varying levels of nervousness, everyone managed the route around the course and were then ready for the final challenge of the night – The Leap of Faith!

For the uninitiated the Leap of Faith involves climbing up a high pole, standing on a platform and then jumping off to, hopefully, catch hold of a swing / trapeze type thing. The group took turns They were then lowered down back on to solid ground. All of the participants took that leap of faith, it was amazing to watch.

Hopefully, this was a fun evening for all concerned. But hopefully, the participants also took away some important life skills – that they are ALL capable of more than they imagine, that they can ALL push themselves beyond their perceived boundaries and fears and that if they will only take that leap of faith they will achieve so much and will feel GREAT!

This was our first visit to Challenge 4 Change, but I’m sure it won’t be our last.

Thanks to all the staff and volunteers who took the time and energy to bring their young people along, we hope to see you again soon.