Put simply we believe in getting young people off the streets, into our youth clubs and doing something positive with their time.

Our mission statement is:

“Our aim is to deliver a year-round programme of recreational and educational opportunities to young people, volunteers and leaders within our affiliated clubs that encourages them to reach their full potential.”

The core values at the centre of our work are:

  • Relationship– with the young people and volunteers in our clubs
  • Building based youth work– we believe in getting young people off the streets and into safe places where they can take part in positive activities
  • Inclusion– our clubs are open to all young people
  • Positive activities– we believe in providing positive, planned, and purposeful activities
  • Supporting our clubs– we seek to be proactive in helping our voluntary clubs to provide the best service to young people that is possible
  • Role models– we believe that young people need good role models to help them grow and mature

We consider ourselves to be very much a delivery organisation.

We deliver a range of sports, environmental, arts and creative activities that young people can take part in.

We also support volunteers by offering training courses and support services that help ensure that our clubs deliver the best service they can to young people.